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July 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Through my participation with Men at the Cross, the Christian ministry founded specifically to support men in their spiritual journeys, I have had the opportunity to participate in several inspiring activities. If you are interested in joining a fellowship of men who devote themselves to their families, to service, and to Christ, here are some opportunities to get involved with Men at the Cross:

1. Attend a conference. Throughout the year, Men at the Cross founder Joe White hosts regional conferences at local churches across the United States. Along with special guest speakers, such as former NFL quarterback Neal Jeffrey and Bishop Larry Jackson, the Men’s Conferences also feature Crossbow For Teens breakout sessions to help Christian youths address the challenges they face. Additionally, the Passionate Love conference series provides a venue for married and engaged couples to build stronger relationships in Christ and with each other.

2. Explore online resources. The Men at the Cross website ( provides a wide range of online resources, including a daily video devotional, as well as video discipleship accounts from men around the country. Moreover, Men at the Cross faculty members, including Joe White, Wellington Boone, and Gary Smalley answer reader questions about relationships and faith through the Life Answers section.

3. Leadership and discipleship training. The 24-week One2Won and Barnabas Training programs help men study God’s Word and become more effective leaders through engaging and informative coursework. Men at the Cross also supports pastors in working toward their missions by providing free admission to the ministry’s events.

3. Charitable giving. Men at the Cross relies on the generous gifts of donors to maintain and expand the ministry. By spreading the word to friends, supporters can also further the work of this revolutionary discipleship movement.

About the Author:

Along with his commitment to Men at the Cross, Joey Feste participates actively in fellowships and charities such as Gathering of Men and The Joseph Storehouse. Joey Feste currently serves as Partner and owner of KM Capital Management, Ltd., an investment advisory firm based in Austin, Texas.


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