KM Capital Management: Providing Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

January 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

by Joey Feste

In my role as partner and owner of Austin, Texas-based investment advisory firm KM Capital Management, Ltd., I provide comprehensive financial services to high net worth individuals. These clients include families with significant assets, corporate executives, professional athletes, entertainers, business owners, and tax exempt institutions.

As independent, Registered Investment Advisors, our approach is highly tailored to the individual needs of the clients we serve. We customize portfolios based on an in-depth understanding of recent market and economic trends, investing assets to maximize return on investment while meeting client risk requirements. We prefer large- and mid-cap stocks from established companies for client portfolios, and we maintain a healthy mix of individual bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, international equities, and cash or cash equivalents. We promote stability through a diversified selection of long-term growth positions, avoiding market timing and undisciplined strategies that focus on near-term dividends.

The KM Capital Management Balanced Portfolio stresses continued client income through a 40 percent mix of cash and bonds, and a 60 percent equity investment. Catering to clients with an average risk tolerance, the portfolio looks past short-term market volatility to maintain steady capital appreciation. Another popular offering is the KM Capital Management Growth Portfolio, which features a 60 to 80 percent mix of invested equities, with the remainder of the portfolio anchored in fixed-income markets. The Growth Portfolio stresses long-term appreciation while maintaining diversified investment positions in surging sectors. It is most suitable for clients with above-average risk tolerances.

At KM Capital Management we focus on building stable client relationships where we earn and maintain trust over decades of consistent portfolio growth and fine-tuned financial management. To arrange a free private consultation with a KM Capital Management, Ltd. investment professional, visit us online at


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